How to get a job after MBA?

One of the prime questions which is asked by all MBA graduates is how to get a job after MBA? The answer is not simple. Because the answer solely depends on one factor. What are your expectations after MBA? Many students have a false notion that they want to start big and that they will get on top of the business chain soon. However, you should know that to get on top of the business chain, you will have to first learn the basics of the business. Hence it is more likely that you will join at the bottom of the business chain and then work your way to the top.

However, this fact is not accepted easily by many students. Some wont compromise and hence might get a big job at the start through references or good contacts. Some others might be outstanding and hence might get a big job for themselves. Average ones might compromise and know that they are going to get an average job. And finally, there might be some who get poor jobs or dont get a job immediately after MBA but have to wait for a sub standard job. How do you avoid such a situation? You have spent 2 years for an MBA. How do you get a good job after MBA? Read on some of the tips.

Start 6 months before term ends –

Generally full time MBA is of 2 years. So ideally, if you want a good job after MBA, you should start hunting when you have finished 1 year and 9 month of your MBA. In fact several colleges start 6 months prior to term ending. By starting early, you have the opportunity to go through various company interviews, and even if you fail in some, it is likely that you will pass through from others and get the MBA job you are looking for.

Clear your expectations / research –

What are your expectations after MBA? Work on the same at the earliest and clear your mind on the opportunities you want to pick up. What are your own talents, which sector do you want to work for, what are the salaries being offered to freshers in that sector, what are the increments year on year, and finally, what should you expect from the individual companies from a specific sector for MBA freshers? These things can easily be researched online through websites like payscale and Once you clear your expectations from a job, you will find yourself sitting for more job interviews and clearing them because of your clear thinking.

Push your college placement team –

Many a times, college placement teams might need help in contacting corporates. You can help your college placement team by trying to call corporates, going with the team for meetings, having a good college environment when the company visits and ensuring that there is a good turnout for interviews. Along with this, the placement cell might require pushing as well. Ensure that your student lobby starts pushing the placement team when there are 6 months to go for the term end. If you dont push, and if the placement cell does not work on time, you might lose jobs of your college to other colleges.

Open up for sales jobs –

Many a times, MBA graduates resist a sales jobs. Due to this, they do not sit for interviews and in the end, they have to compromise and settle for a sales job. With MBA increasing in popularity, and the top companies already limiting their intake year on year, sales is a job profile which will be seen more frequently in MBA interviews. So remove the sales job resistance from your mind. Moreover, if you ever want to start your own business, sales is the best job profile you can be in.

Do a fantastic internship –

An internship goes a long way in getting you a good job. If you have done your internship in a good company, and if the job profile was good, you can perform with top credentials so that it will be very likely that the company recruit you themselves after the internship. This can be the simplest route to get a full time job. However, in this case, you have to start preparations from the 1st year itself so that you get the right college internship for yourself.

Use references –

Word of mouth is considered the strongest kind of marketing. And thus, using references is considered the strongest way to get a job, be it marketing or any other field. So, its best that you enquire your parents or close relatives about people who can give you a reference or a heads up about an opening in a company. At the same time, these people can also give a reference in the company for you which plays a strong role during interviews. As you climb the corporate ladder, you will see that references play a big role in your appraisals as well as job switches.

So, there are a lot of things which are in your hand if you want to get a  job after MBA. One of the key things however, is to get references and to clear your expectations. These 2 factors can really help you get a job post MBA as per your liking.


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